At a pro-Trump rally held in Carson City, NV, on Monday, a woman who said she was the mother of a current member of the Air ForceĀ called Mike Pence out for his running mate's recent disparaging comments aboutĀ Captain Humayun Khan, the Muslim son of immigrants who died in Iraq while serving in the U.S. Army in 2004.

ā€œWill there ever be a point in time when youā€™re able to look at Trump in the eye and tell him, ā€˜Enough is enoughā€™?ā€ the unidentified woman asked Pence as the audience around her booed. ā€œYou have a son in the military. How do you tolerate his disrespect?ā€

After letting the crowd continue to jeer at the woman for a few beats, Pence earnestly attempts to justify Trump's words by reasoning that he's merely exercising his rights to free speech.

ā€œThatā€™s what freedom looks like, and thatā€™s what freedom sounds like," Pence said.Ā ā€œCaptain Khan is an American hero and we honor him and honor his family. The story of Capt. Khan is an incredibly inspiring story.ā€


To be clear, Trump insisted that Khan, who died saving the lives of his fellow shoulders by intercepting a vehicle rigged with explosives, had not actually sacrificed anything during his time in the military. Trump, for the record, dodged the draft four timesĀ during the Vietnam War.