Airbnb's new ad is basically just a stoned college freshman

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On Tuesday morning, Airbnb released a weird new advertisement that consists solely of a baby walking toward a door and Angela Bassett reading what appear to be the nonsensical ramblings of your friend who just tried weed brownies for the first time:

According to an Airbnb spokesperson, the ad is part of a new marketing campaign that will "explore the kindness of man." Airbnb also tweeted out the script for the video, in a series of strange tweets that of course everyone started to retweet completely out of context:


After it set in that this was a real marketing strategy, the mockery began:


And Airbnb's social media manager was forced to deny that the entire company had done a bong rip:

The Airbnb ad is fairly reminiscent of Facebook's first commercial, which listed all of the ways that a chair is similar to "Anyone can sit on a chair," the ad reminded us. Another inspired advertising effort out of Silicon Valley!

As of press time, it was unclear whether Airbnb had ever really thought about its hand.