Alabama inmates risked extra prison time to bring you this highly amazing Mannequin Challenge

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You thought the Mannequin Challenge was all tapped out, but then all of a sudden, a bunch of inmates in Alabama risked (even more) prison time to shoot their own video with an unauthorized cellphone.

In the video, which reported was first posted to Facebook on Nov. 13, inmates are frozen in the act of brawling, praying together, and working out in what appears to be a communal bunk area. The men in the video wear white clothes emblazoned with "Alabama Dept. of Corrections."

While the video suffers from some understandable audio issues–and it's definitely not soundtracked to "Black Beatles"–it absolutely raises the bar.


Ben Horton, a spokesman for the Department of Corrections, confirmed to Fusion that possessing a cellphone in any of the state's prisons is a Class C felony, which carries a potential punishment of at least one year and one day but no more than ten years in prison.

He said the circumstances around the video's production and release are currently under investigation, but he could not confirm what prison's inmates were involved. Corrections officers have confiscated some 3,000 illegal phones since January, Horton said.

It's also not the first time that Alabama's inmates have used phones to get a message out on social media. After riots broke out in March in one prison, the inmates posted appeals online about their treatment by guards, held a video call with the media, and posted photos and videos of beds lit ablaze.

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