Crazed, gun-toting Alabama Republican Roy Moore received a warm welcome at the ultra-conservative Voter Values Summit on Friday, where the GOP nominee for the stateā€™s upcoming Senate raceĀ insisted that the Supreme Court justices who had the audacity to allow same sex marriage into law should be removed.

Speaking hours after President Donald Trump took the stage to declare a new front in the imaginary war on Christmas, Moore passionately urged Congress to use its powers of impeachment.


ā€œSomebody should be talking to the Supreme Court of the United States and say, ā€˜What gives them a right to declare that two men can get married?ā€™ā€ Moore said, according to Right Wing Watch.

ā€œTell the Congress,ā€ he continued, ā€œImpeach these justices that put themselves above the Constitution. Theyā€™re judicial supremists and they should be taken off the bench.ā€

Mooreā€™s homophobia has long been a staple of his public career. In 2005, he insisted that ā€œhomosexual conduct should be illegalā€ and later compared being gay to bestiality, saying laws that prohibited the later should apply to the former since ā€œitā€™s the same thing.ā€


In 2016, Moore was suspended as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for instructing judges to ignore laws allowing same-sex unions. At the time, the state judiciary ruled he had ā€œflagrantly disregarded and abused his authority.ā€

Since then, however Mooreā€™s bigotry and generally bonkers behavior has only gotten more extreme.

In late September, he whipped out a gun at a campaign rally, and several weeks earlier, he mused about the racial implications of ā€œreds and yellows fightingā€ one another.


Moore currently leads his Democratic challenger by eight points.