'All I desire is sweet death': A conversation with Nihilisa Frank

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Earlier this week, we introduced you to Nihilisa Frank, a Tumblr artist made famous for their haunting mashups of Lisa Frank artwork and dark, Nihilist wisdom. Looking at Nihilisa's creations is like looking into the trapperkeeper of a deeply thoughtful, if disturbed, tween stuck in the early '90s.

Fusion wanted to get inside the head of the sort of person who could take the glowing garishness of Lisa Frank and the find inspiration to channel Friedrich Nietzsche and Søren Kierkegaard. So we tracked them down. This is what Nihilisa had to say.


Who are you, exactly?

I am Nihilisa and I have lived three hundred years, and I long to die. But death is no longer possible. I am immortal.

Who and or what, aside from Lisa Frank, inspires you?

The gun. The gun is good, the penis is evil. The gun shoots death and purifies the earth of the filth of brutals.

What inspired you to combine Lisa Frank and existential nihilism?

I have been raised up from brutality to kill the brutals that multiply and are legion. Next question.

Which of the major forms of Nihilism do you think is most reflective of your work?

These thoughts are constructive criticisms. Pyramidical. I try to suppress these thoughts, but they leak out in Second Level through the head-wound of my third death.


What do you think of the current state of children’s school supplies?

Children are a poison to the earth, a plague of man.

How do you identify politically? If we were voting tomorrow, who would win your vote?

I cannot give information which may threaten my own security.

What do you think of Donald Trump being the frontrunner for the Republican Party?

Not permitted. Moving on, next question.

Just how big a deal do you think Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal really is?

I will not go to second level with you. Next question.

In your opinion, who are the thought leaders currently changing the world?

You must follow me, obey me, be circumspect, make no disruption.

What’s next for you? Are you interested in branching out into other iconic pieces of children’s culture?

All I desire is sweet death. Oblivion.

What’s one piece of advice that you’d like to share with the world?

Go forth and purify the Earth of the filth of Brutals.


Nihilisa Frank's work can be found on their Tumblr page and in the hearts of jaded snake people across the internet.