President Donald Trump’s newly installed communications director Anthony Scaramucci kicked off his first day at work on Friday with an animated briefing to the White House Press Corps. Because media standards are incredibly low, “the Mooch” dazzled the assembled reporters by being calm, competent, and generally not being named Sean Spicer.

During that time, Scaramucci: backed up the president’s (long debunked) lie about millions of illegal voters; refused to commit to regular, on-camera press briefings; praised Trump’s (dubious) athletic prowess; and, generally insisted that, despite the loss of multiple high ranking members of the president’s staff over the past 48 hours, everything was going great!

But if there’s one moment that seems to have wormed its way to the front of the media zeitgeist, it’s this:

A kiss. A 0.03 second-long kiss. And boy are people lapping that shit up.




Clearly, this guy is everything Donald Trump could hope for in a comms director: A good-looking slickster who can whip the press corps into an erotic frenzy with a meaningless gesture while getting away with murder at the podium.

Honestly, I’m gonna miss Sean Spicer. At least he had the common decency to make his ongoing humiliation fun. Scaramucci, on the other hand, can just kiss off.