ABC's new sitcom Fresh Off the Boat — based on the memoir of the same name by restaurateur Eddie Huang — follows a Taiwanese-American family as they uproot from DC's Chinatown to Orlando in 1995. Despite his mom's disapproval ("Why do all your shirts have black men on them?"), young Eddie insists on wearing his love for rap on his literal sleeve. Here's a field guide to Eddie's street style from the first two episodes.

Orlando Magic Starter Jacket

Nas, Illmatic

Notorious B.I.G., Ready to Die


Notorious B.I.G. (In a Coogi Sweater)



*We asked the real-life Eddie Huang if he could identify this shirt—stay tuned.

Wu-Tang Clan, Wu-Tang Forever


Cross Colours

Shaq's Orlando Magic Jersey


Notorious B.I.G. (In a Coogi Sweater, Again)

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