All the Big Wins From Tuesday Night's Election

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On Tuesday night, Americans across the country resoundingly rejected Trumpism and propelled Democratic candidates to historic wins. Here’s a wrap up of all the major electoral victories:

  • In Virginia, Democrat Ralph Northam beat Ed Gillespie in the state’s gubernatorial race. Democrats also picked up 13 seats in the state’s House of Delegates, positioning them as the majority. Democrat Justin Fairfax was elected Lt. Gov of Virginia, the first black person elected to statewide office in 25 years.
  • Democrat Chris Hurst, a former journalist whose girlfriend was shot during a live news broadcast, won a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates. Lee Carter, a Democratic Socialist, picked up a seat as well.
  • Virginia also elected the nation’s first openly trans state lawmaker, Danica Roem.
  • Democrat Larry Krasner, a Black Lives Matter-supported civil rights lawyer who has sued the Philadelphia, PA, police department more than 75 times, was elected as the city’s District Attorney.
  • Democrat Phil Murphy was elected New Jersey’s next governor, defeating Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno.
  • Charlotte, NC, elected its first woman of color mayor, Democrat Vi Lyles.
  • Maine overwhelmingly voted to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. The victory was a stinging rebuke of Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who vetoed a bill expanding Medicaid five times before it was decided by a referendum.
  • Minneapolis, MN, elected the nation’s first openly trans woman of color, Andrea Jenkins, to its city council.
  • Democrats won a majority of seats in Washington’s state senate, flipping a majority previously held by Republicans.
  • Helena, MT, elected Wilmont Collins, as mayor. He is the state’s first black mayor and a Liberian refugee who has lived in the U.S. since 1989.
  • Democrats picked up two seats in Georgia’s House of Delegates, positions that were previously held by Republicans who ran uncontested in the 2016 election.
  • Ashley Bennett, a woman who decided to run against a local New Jersey politician after seeing him mock the Women’s March on Facebook, soundly defeated him.
  • Democrat Ravi Bhalla, who was labeled a “terrorist” in a brazenly racist flier, was elected the mayor of Hoboken, NJ. With his victory, Bhalla became the state’s first Sikh mayor.
  • Jerry Shi and Falguni Patel, who were the targets of yet another racist flier, were elected to the Edison, NJ, school board.
  • St. Paul, MN, elected its first black mayor, former city council member Melvin Carter.

In summary: