All The Times That Everyone Said Republicans Must Now Stand Up to Donald Trump

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Surely... surely... this will be the time when the Republicans draw the line.


The political phenomenon that is Donald Trump has existed from the very beginning in tandem with declarations that he had crossed a line which meant that he could not be supported by the Republican party. From the day he announced his presidential campaign while calling Mexicans “rapists,” there has been a soothing recurrence of incidents which, we were told, were simply beyond the pale. During the primaries, most of these provoked declarations that after this (defaming John McCain, proposing a Muslim ban), Trump’s campaign was definitely over. As Trump sailed on through and secured the Republican nomination and then the White House, the reaction to these incidents became more frantic: Republicans must disavow/ oppose/ stand up to/ rebuke/ reject this man once and for all, after this...

October 8, 2016: The Access Hollywood tape.

  • “The stunning developments are forcing a moment of reckoning for Republican Party leaders who have made a pact with a nominee many of them privately view as vulgar and unacceptable, and must now decide whether to cut him loose.”

May 10, 2017: Trump fires James Comey.

  • “The Republicans who have so far stood in lock step with Mr. Trump, defending him at every turn, need to ask themselves whether they want to continue to be complicit in this institutional assault. By now it should be clear to them that having Donald Trump’s back will cost them their integrity.”

June 1, 2017: Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

  • “When Trump withdrew from the Paris accord in June, he declared foreign countries and leaders won’t be ‘laughing at us anymore.’ The world is not only laughing at you Mr President, it is shaking with trepidation.”

August 15, 2017: The post-Charlottesville press conference.

  • “Republicans must address the enduring legacy of racism and disentangle it from elements of conservatism, like support for states’s rights and law and order, that send negative signals to African Americans and perpetuate the racial fractures in our society. They must also forcefully reject the nationalist politics embraced by Trump, as well as the rhetoric, dripping with racial innuendo, that so heartened the white supremacists marching in Charlottesville.”

May 2018-present: Separating children from their families at the border.


July 16, 2018: The Putin meeting.

Sure, any day now.

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