Alleged "douchebag" lawyer suing Google because he doesn't like his search results

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You know the old saying: if your feelings are hurt by someone on a blog reposting quotes from a newspaper article, sue Google for "hosting" the blog.


Adam Kutner, a personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas who specializes in car accidents and dog bites, most likely does not appreciate the fact that when one searches his name, one of the top results reads, "Adam Kutner: Biggest Douchebag In Vegas?" And so he's taking action. Well, taking action again: he tried once in 2013 already to sue the blog that hosts the offending comments, Wild Wild Law, but there's all these libel statutes that prevent you from suing after a certain period of time.

Anyway, Kutner, unsuccessful in his first attempt to sue the blog, is now suing Google “for hosting" a new thread of comments that popped up in 2013 and 2014 on the same post. (Kutner appears to be operating under the assumption that Google hosts all the web’s content.)  Via the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Someone using the pseudonym “bamboozle” posted on the blog on Nov. 18, 2013, that Kutner “is the biggest d——-bag ever,” according to the complaint, and another anonymous person posted on Sept. 17, 2014, that Kutner is the “BIGGEST MOST EXTREME D-BAG.”

The word in question is slang for an obnoxious or contemptible man.

("The word in question is slang for an obnoxious or contemptible man." THANK YOU for explaining, Las Vegas Review-Journal.)


But it would appear that Wild Wild Law was not the ones making these accusations. From the looks of it, they simply reposted quotes from a Las Vegas City Life article published in 2008 that's now mysteriously vanished from the internet.

The blogger, Legal Eagle, lists about a dozen offenses by Kutner, including:

throwing cell phones at his assistants

calling support staff "Fat bitches," "Fucking dumb-asses," "Cunts," and "Morons"

telling individual staff they are "fucking stupid," a "fucking useless moron," a "fucking stupid idiot"

talking about women's breasts to the secretaries (Kutner [allegedly] stated that he likes "girls with little boobs that fit in his hand")

Looks like a good job of aggregation to me, but Kutner probably disagrees. He declined to comment for this story, telling Fusion he was too busy.

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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