Alligator found walking around in New York City like it's nbd

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New York City, concrete jungle, home to pigeons and rats and bodega cats. And, apparently, alligators.

The NYPD recovered an alligator from Inwood, where it was apparently just moseying along the sidewalk.


Possibly looking for a ride:

The creature, definitely an alligator per animal rescuer Sean Casey, may have been a pet that was dumped when the owner realized it was, well, an alligator. The New York Daily News said that passersby were more intrigued than scared:

Miami transplant Eddie Perez, who works nearby, said pedestrians were more curious than scared. 'I saw them all the time in Miami,” he said. “But how often do you see an alligator crossing the street in New York?'


An alligator in New York? Now we've seen everything! Except this pretty much already happened, this week, when police found and took an alligator and nine boa constrictors from a home in Brooklyn.


Stop keeping alligators in your homes, New Yorkers. Seriously.

Update: The gator has died. RIP.

Danielle Wiener-Bronner is a news reporter.

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