Alton Brown on foodies: Over it!!!

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

In this week's issue of the New York Times Magazine, Alton Brown puts foodies on blast. "The pornification of food takes away the importance of sharing it with one another and instead focuses only on the food," he tells Ana Marie Cox. Uh oh!

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

The Food Network fixture also told the magazine that he is fed up with people and their "love" of food. He's over it:

On ‘‘Food Network Star,’’ I got so tired of hearing people tell me that the reason they should have their own show is that they love food so much. Well, so freaking what? I love food. We all love food. If we don’t, we die. Even supermodels in New York secretly love food. That doesn’t make you special.


Other interesting tidbits about Alton Brown that I learned from this interview: the Welch's grape juice commercial star has recently forsaken the Southern Baptist Convention and may or may not be carrying a gun with him right now: "It depends on where I am. But yeah. I have guns."


Aleksander Chan is Fusion's News Director.

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