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Fusion is live at the American Music Awards in glamorous Los Angeles – well, okay, we’re in glamorous Los Angeles, but typing this from the not-so-glamorous press tent. Imagine a blogging sweatshop, where we’re all sitting in a line, tap, tap tapping away.

Where our fellow bloggers were not, though, was on the much more glamorous red carpet earlier. We’ve got video of that coming soon, where we got face time with some A-listers, some not-so-A-listers, and some people who straight-up ignored us. But here are some important conclusions we drew from the experience:


We have 100 percent made up with Kevin Rudolf. Despite all this back story, when we went literally running to him, yelling, “DO WE STILL HAVE BEEF KEVIN? DO WE STILL HAVE BEEF?” He seemed pleased (uh, pleasantly surprised?) to see us. Maybe. ;)

2 Chainz is the best sport. First of all, unlike some other stars at his level, he took his sweet time heading down the carpet spreading his booty-loving blessings. And when we blurted out, “2 CHAINZ, WHAT DID YOU GET FOR YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY?” he gamely played along. After a beat, his response: “Sh******t, watchoo THINK I got?”

You know how the one guy in Florida-Georgia Line with the hair – Tyler Hubbard — always looks so perfect? We know the secret. He gets to walk around before being photographed with an assistant literally combing her fingers through his hair, constantly. It’s how the other half lives, my friends.


Katy Perry’s entrance was pretty lackluster, but her fans, the KatyCats, are not to be messed with. We met a gaggle on the public side of the cloth-covered metal fence blocking off the artist entrance. They were chanting, early on, “Take down the fence! Take down the fence!” By the time the red carpet entrances started, they had managed to rip off a fair bit of the cloth. Let’s send them somewhere to take down communism or something!

One Direction are so well manicured and pretty they even have people fixing their pants as they walk. Check it out:


If a publicist asks you if you want to talk to an artist and you’re marooned all the way at the end of the carpet, it’s because nobody knows who they are. Shout-out to the YouTube star guy who we hadn’t heard of; to be fair, he hadn’t heard of us either, so it’s all love!

Lady Gaga is still the queen, okay? Sure, you can spread around your gossip about Interscope layoffs and all kinds of spurious rumors based on however you perceive ARTPOP to be doing. But who else shows up looking absolutely stunning, all in white, on a horse?


Arielle Castillo is Fusion's culture editor, reporting on arts, music, culture, and subcultures from the streets on up. She's also a connoisseur of weird Florida, weightlifting, and cats.

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