Christine McConnell via Instagram

As seen on Instagram's Tumblr account: Christine McConnell of Twin Peaks, California, likes to bake. But there's something different about her desserts. Brownies have eyeballs. Cakes bare menacing teeth. Cookies are shaped like Alien facehuggers. In the interview at the link, she tells Instagram: “I’m not into Goth in the classic way with lots of black eyeliner… I’m into poking fun at something actually scary. I like toying with that.” McConnell has a book—titled Deceptive Desserts: A Lady's Guide To Baking Bad—coming out next year, but her confections are perfect right now, as we creep toward Halloween.

Here's some of her best work:

TFW dessert stares back at you.

Don't eat them after midnight!


Really really freaky "White Devil's Food" cake.

Little bite! Pretzels + chocolate-dipped peanut butter balls + menacing grin = delicious.


These waffle cones are TERRIFYING.


The facehugger cookies seem dangerous.


Danzig cake! So metal.


Is this the Sarlacc Pit Monster from Star Wars?

Also, McConnell seems to have married her cat. American hero. Click here to follow her on Instagram; click here for information about her book.