Amazon Cuomo: 'I'm the Uber Progressive' Now

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Here’s something New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly said on the radio this morning:

Damn. He’s got us there! No one’s more progressive than Andrew Cuomo, a guy who for years openly courted New York’s practically Republican Democrats.


Cuomo likes to call himself a progressive because he draws on typically lefty bases of support like labor unions. This pales a little bit, of course, when he does stuff like sell out his soul (and name!) to bring one of the most labor-hostile multi-national corporations into his state, but sure. This is his schtick—work to advance broadly Democratic causes that could be construed as progressive and then label anyone to the left of him as an unrealistic, fake progressive. He, the eldest son of the Cuomo political dynasty, is actually the most progressive. He is the biggest boy. No one can be more progressive than him, because he Gets Things Done. Progressive things, except for all of the not-absurd centrist compromises he makes which are also progressive if you apply his own “terminology and labels.”

Here’s a correct opinion on that line from former gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout, actual progressive:


Who knows? Maybe Cuomo’s pitiful groveling is making “progress” in getting Amazon to come back to the state!