Amber Tamblyn writes emotional post about sexual assault in response to Trump's vulgar comments

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"I need to tell you a story," actress Amber Tamblyn (HouseThe Ring) wrote in a Facebook post Sunday. "With the love and support of my husband, I've decided to share it publicly."


She proceeds to describe a violating and abusive episode with an ex-boyfriend at a club, writing, "He's a big guy, taller than me. The minute he saw me, he picked me up with one hand by my hair and with his other hand, he grabbed me under my skirt by my vagina— my pussy?— and lifted me up off the floor, literally, and carried me, like something he owned, like a piece of trash, out of the club."

Her friends caught up with him before he left the club, and the ex's brothers were there and "intervened," with the group physically fighting over Tamblyn, who was being sexually assaulted and held against her will. "In the scuffle he grabbed at my clothes, trying to hold onto me, screaming at me, and inadvertently ripped off my grandmother’s necklace, which I was wearing. The rest of this night is a blur I do not remember. How I got out to the car. How I got away from him that night. I never returned for my necklace either," she writes.

Tamblyn posted this story in response to Donald Trump's vulgar comments caught on a hot mic while chatting with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush in 2005. “When you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything," Trump said about being able to seduce women as a celebrity. "That part of my body, which the current Presidential Nominee of the United States Donald Trump recently described as something he’d like to grab a woman by, was bruised from my ex-boyfriend's violence for at least the next week," Tamblyn wrote.

She ends the post by saying that she worries how her parents will react to the story, but that she needed to get it out there after Trump's comments came to light.

Over the weekend, hundreds of women posted personal stories of sexual assault in response to Trump's vulgar comments under the hashtag #NotOkay.

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Sam Stecklow is the Weekend Editor for Fusion.