This March, the World Health Organization issued a report that recommended everyone reduce their daily sugar intake to less than 10% of their total energy intake.

Guess which country is totally failing to meet this standard?

In a new blog post, EuroMonitor analyst Lauren Bandy shows that America is still consuming way, way too much sugar.

“In the US… the average consumer purchases 126g of sugars from packaged food and soft drinks a day, with 50g coming from soft drinks alone,” Bandy writes. A healthy adult should be consuming around 50g of sugar per day (and if you want to be really healthy you should be down around 25g).

The chart below shows how bad this is: The average American consumes about as much sugar as the average Indian, Chinese, Russian, Turk, and Brazilian combined. In a day.



The U.S. is not alone in exceeding WHO’S recommendation: individuals in 31 other countries tracked by Euromonitor purchase 50g or more of sugars a day from packaged food and soft drinks in 2014. Eighteen purchase more than 75g, 50% more than the recommended amount.

But they all pale in comparison to the U.S. And here’s the chart showing where it’s all coming from — mostly soft drinks (which includes juice).



Again, on an average day, an American can expect to consume all of this!

So far, only Mars (the corporation not the planet) has issued any kind of response to the WHO report, pledging to make more products that are fewer than 200 calories. Nor is any relief coming from the Obama Administration, which just delayed by one year an Affordable Care Act requirement that chain restaurants must start posting calorie counts.

If there’s any solace, it’s that growth in the ratio of overweight Americans appears to be plateauing.



But we’ve still got a hefty problem on our hands.

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