Twitter was rocked yesterday when it was announced that Spider-Man would soon be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker would not make the cut.

Credit: Marvel

Sources claimed that it "wouldn't make sense" to have Garfield in this new chapter of Spider-Man. Our everything is crossed for the upcoming adventure to leave Peter Parker behind and follow the more modern Miles Morales storyline, first introduced in a comic book in 2011.

If we had our druthers, Donald Glover would play the esteemed hero in the new franchise. Though insatiable fandom support for the actor ‚ÄĒ also known as rapper Childish Gambino ‚ÄĒ as everyone's favorite webslinger¬†isn't all that new,¬†the very real possibility¬†of him donning the iconic blue and red suit sure is.


The sad truth for children of color is that they very rarely get to see themselves as heroes. Black superheroes do exist, but they aren't given feature films ‚ÄĒ ok, there's Will Smith, but he's not in a franchise. Superheroes of color don't get as much merchandise, they aren't as visible. Even with Chadwick Boseman set to play Black Panther in an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the truth is simple: fewer¬†people know and care about Black Panther.

When kids think of superheroes, they're thinking of the Avengers. Isn't it time they got to see themselves as well-developed, expertly promoted, icons? We need Miles Morales. We need Donald Glover.

Credit: NBC/Community


When Morales creator Brian Michael Bendis saw Donald Glover wearing Spider-Man pajamas as the lovable character Troy on NBC's Community, he knew he must make a Black Spider-Man. In a flash, #donald4spiderman was born, and tweets came in from everywhere begging someone to make it real. But while many people were #TeamGlover, a few people felt that a Black/Mexican superhero was doing the franchise a disservice. Donald responded to the hate in his song "Not Going Back":

Didn't know he had it in him
Couldn't see me as Spider-Man
But now I'm spitting venom
Now you payin' attention
Pick your fuckin' face up
When I wanna be a superhero
I just wake up

It's great to have a black Spider-Man in the comics, but what about the big screen? We can definitely imagine Donald Glover and¬†his sexy biceps doing some web-slinging. What will it take to make this dream a reality? It is suspected that this new Spider-Man will be introduced in the yet-untitled¬†Captain America 3¬†movie¬†slated for release May 6, 2016 ‚ÄĒ before he stars in his¬†standalone movie for summer 2017. So there's time to convince Sony to make the right choice.


And while we're at it, Donald Glover for Batman, too.

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