American men really want to visit Cuba. American women, not so much.

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If you're an American dude thinking to yourself, man, I would love to go to Cuba before it gets taken over by American stuff, welcome to the club.

A new survey from Switchfly, a travel industry analysis group, found that 42% of men expressed a desire to go to Cuba, compared with just 32% of women.


The greatest difference was found among 45-54 year-olds. The smallest was in the 18-34 year-old group. Here's the table.


The survey also found 43% of women said they would never visit Cuba, compared with just 37% of men.

There were also significant regional disparities in Cuba travel preference: 50% of Midwestern residents said they would never visit the island nation, compared with 37% of residents in the South and 38% in the Northeast.

The poll was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Switchfly from September 14-16, 2015, among 2,031 adults, 690 of whom would ever go to Cuba.

Ironically, more Cubans than ever are trying to leave the U.S., as many fear the longstanding "wet-foot, dry-foot" policy of granting refugee status to Cubans who reach American shores may soon come to an end.


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