Americans Do the Bare Minimum and Decide Sexual Harassment Is NOT Good

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After last night’s stunning news out of Alabama comes another tiny indication that America is either just as bad or just as good as you thought it was: a poll that found people think sexual harassment on the job is bad and should stop.


Groundbreaking stuff from the USA Today/Suffolk University poll, out Wednesday, which found three out of four people surveyed—which included overwhelming majorities of men and women, Republicans and Democrats—who said sexual misconduct is a major problem we need to solve.

But before you start feeling too warm and fuzzy, consider that the poll of 1,000 registered voters found no consensus as to whether the #MeToo moment is a watershed moment of reckoning for abusers. Asked about what happens next, 44% of men said they believe no major changes will have been made when the current attention dies down, compared to 36% of women.

Worse yet, those surveyed were pretty unsure about who to believe in the numerous allegations against powerful men in Hollywood and Washington—the accusers or the accused. While 60% said they were inclined to believe the female victims coming foward, one in three woman—and one in four men—said they didn’t know who to believe.

That shouldn’t come as much surprise given the fact that white Alabama voters came thisclose to elected an alleged pedophile to the Senate last night, allegations be damned.

So congratulations to America for doing literally the bare minimum and opining that sexual harassment is bad—in theory at least.

Managing Editor, Splinter