In complex times such as these, we need trusted voices to guide us through the haze. That’s why it’s so good that CNN’s Chris Cillizza, a man who has bragged openly about his eight-figure salary, is here when we need him.


The latest big thing in politics is the special congressional election in Georgia. As you probably heard, Republican candidate Karen Handel defeated Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff. Everyone is asking a lot of questions about this. Did Ossoff lose because he ran a cautious, centrist campaign instead of backing full-throated change? Was it outside money that doomed him? Was it Nancy Pelosi? Was it the weather?

Don’t worry, folks. Chris Cillizza is here to help. Here’s his top-shelf analysis of the situation:

So what Chris is saying here is that it would have been better for Democrats if their candidate had won. A bold take, to be sure, but can he back it up?


OK, so if I’m decoding this correctly, winning in politics is preferable to not winning?


I think I see where Chris is going here. If you lose a race, it is not as good as if you win a race.

Keep earning that paycheck, Chris!

Deputy Editor, Splinter

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