America's Best Pundit Wonders if Maybe Trump Isn't Great at His Job

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Chris Cillizza, a highly accomplished CNN pundit whose salary I don’t even want to contemplate, is bringing his unparalleled analytical skills to bear on Donald Trump’s current political crisis.


Let’s take a look.

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Wow good question Chris. He goes on:

The fundamental question, always, when it comes to President Donald Trump is this: Is he following a grand plan that only he can see or is he just saying and doing things with no broader blueprint in mind?

The stunning nature of his election convinced most people — including me — that he was playing a sort of three-dimensional chess, executing a strategy that seemed crazy on its face but turned out to be crazy like a fox.

The events of the first 117 days of the Trump White House — and, especially, the last 7 days — suggest that assumption might be dead wrong.

Chris Cillizza is raising a very intriguing question here. What if the man who thought that telling the head of the FBI to stop investigating his friend and then firing him would go over well isn’t the master operator Chris Cillizza thought he was? What if the man whose aides are assuring us is too dumb to have caused too much harm when he revealed classified information to Russia might be slightly in over his head? What if, in fact, a man who needs to have his name inserted into briefings to ensure that he keeps reading them is not the genius Chris Cillizza assumed him to be? Do you think there’s at least an outside chance this could be the case?

This is why they pay Chris Cillizza the big bucks.

Deputy Editor, Splinter