America's Thirstiest Fake News Network Throws Themselves Behind Trump in Lawsuit With CNN

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Now that even Fox News has sided with mortal enemy CNN in the ongoing legal wrangling over whether reporter Jim Acosta is—as the Trump administration argues—a violent enemy of democracy or just a moderately annoying journalist, the White House sorely needed a friendly media presence in the court.

Fortunately for the White House, One America News Network, perhaps the thirstiest pro-Trump network out there—which doesn’t shy away from trafficking in ghoulish conspiracies like Seth Rich’s murder and Pizzagate—is here to say that in a debate between proponents of the First Amendment and the West Wing’s cadre of authoritarian ratfuckers, pass those rats, baby!


Here’s the CEO of OANN on Thursday:


Oddly enough, during the first 48 press briefings of the Trump administration, OANN was one of the top five networks called on to speak. And, as The Hill pointed out, OANN managed to land an exclusive interview with the president less than one month ago. Meanwhile, Trump has conspicuously snubbed and repeatedly attacked CNN—you know, the network this whole kerfuffle is actually about—since even before his arrival at the White House.

Still, this whole exercise in bootlicking is a refreshing reminder that for as much well-deserved shit Fox gets for being the White House’s propaganda network of choice, there will always a younger, hungrier, and above all else, more shameless upstart to nip at its heels.