Amy Schumer Got Over It and Voted for Cynthia Nixon Anyway

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After setting the world on fire by declaring that ACTUALLY, she simply couldn’t bring herself to vote for progressive upstart Cynthia Nixon over New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the primary, Amy Schumer posted Thursday afternoon that she voted for Nixon after all. It worked, folks!!!!

“We voted. And we voted for @cynthiaenixon couldn’t help it,” the comedian posted, presumably implying that both she and her dog voted, thereby engaging in the insidious crime of human-animal voter fraud. “And for @zephyrteachout and @jumaane.williams voted with my heart 💜 thanks to the women who took their time to talk to me about it. When someone disagrees with you be patient and have a conversation. It’s most productive. 😊🤞”


If you ask me, yelling at someone on the internet for having a bad opinion is productive too! My readers and I do it all day every day!

That turnabout comes after Schumer declared on Tuesday that although “Andrew isn’t my fave dude But he’s a good gov,” she would with heavy heart vote for him over Nixon, whom she said she doesn’t think “would know what the heck to do” in office. She’s right in one respect: Cuomo has proven himself exceedingly gifted at playing politics, which most people perceive as a necessary part of being an elected official.

Schumer’s gambit paid off. In the comments, the fans were simply CLAMORING for more, with commenters raving things like “DAMN YOU FINE🔥🔥,” “Proud of you!” and “You’re allowed to change your mind and THANK YOU for voting. Doesn’t matter who you voted for” (wrong). Now let’s all hope it pays off for my queen after the polls close tonight.

Managing Editor, Splinter

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