Illustration for article titled An alleged Trump supporter left this chilling note at a bi-racial familys home in Seattle

A Seattle woman—the mother of two bi-racial children—was greeted by a threatening, racist note, signed and left at her front door Tuesday night by self-professed Trump supporter.


Stephanie Endres posted a photo of the letter on Facebook. It calls her a "nigger lover" and threatens her children, before declaring support for Donald Trump: "U and all these niggers need to leave this country that's ours! One day your kids will get what they deserve being on this land," the note reads. "White lives matter fucking nigger lovers!!! Go Trump!!!"


"Although this has been quite terrifying for my family with the safety of my children being threatened, I will not let this affect us anymore…I will also be following up with SPD to make sure this is being taken seriously and if someone is found, they will be prosecuted for a hate crime. I would never wish this upon anyone," she wrote.

Endres reported the incident to police, who are investigating it as malicious harassment, which constitutes a hate crime in Washington state.

Neighbors wrote to a local publication, West Seattle Blogto say that Endres is a valued member of their community. “She is a pillar in our community advocating to prevent homelessness. She has two beautiful bi-racial children and is now afraid for their safety. Please spread the word and inform our community,” wrote one woman, identified just as Brandy.

Endres is the founder and executive director of Stephanie's Lifeline HOPE (Homeless Outreach Prevention and Education), a local non-profit which provides support and supplies to underprivileged and homeless people in in Seattle.


This is the latest reported incident of a supposed Trump supporter inflicting racist abuse on a stranger–last weekend, a man who yelled "Trump 2016" on a New York City subway car was caught on camera in the midst of a racist, sexist tirade against a black woman.

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