An Amusing Little Anecdote About the Housing Crisis That's Destroying California

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Due to the combination of explosive jobs growth and a stubborn refusal to build enough housing to accommodate everyone, the San Francisco/ Silicon Valley area is mired in an insane housing crisis. How bad is this housing crisis? Punchline ahead!!!!

This FT story about Silicon Valley’s grotesquely inadequate housing supply includes this explanation of the situation in Mountain View, where Google is headquartered:

Even professionals are finding it hard to hang on. The planning department for the city of Mountain View recently had 16 new proposals before it, 13 of them to add more homes, says vice-mayor [Lenny] Siegel. But the department said it could not take any of the projects on: an inability to hire town planners meant it was already overworked. “We need more housing for planners,” he says.


*The Aristocrats!*

But seriously build hundreds of thousands of new units of housing as quickly as possible you incompetent fucks. Do it now. My god.