An Australian woman is paying $6,000 for the entire 'Making A Murderer' official court transcript

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A woman from Australia was billed $6,000 for the entire official court transcript from the Making A Murderer trial.

The Netflix series about the murder of a young woman and subsequent conviction of Wisconsin man Steven Avery and his nephew has evidently drawn international attention, and Tribune Media Services reports the county where the murder allegedly took place has now been inundated with records requests.

The unnamed Australian woman requested a copy of the entire transcript from Avery's trial, whose conviction the series casts into doubt. At $1.25 a page, the woman was billed $6,000 for the full, 4,800-long transcript.


Chief Manitowoc County Clerk Lynn Zigmunt said she has put together a "roadmap" to the thousands of documents so they can be more easily retrieved; right now, she said, individuals are "pulling things out, putting them back in wrong places, and then we have a mess to clean up later." She said there are more than six banker boxes-worth of material from Avery case, and just one other employee available to handle the requests.

"It's a lot of information, a lot of documents, so we have to just be careful, but that's our job as custodians of the records," Zigmunt told WBAY-TV.

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