An English teenager has been arrested for cyberattacks on websites and hoaxes on North American airlines

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A 15-year-old in Plymouth, England has been arrested and accused of involvement in bomb hoaxes and denial of service attacks on websites from several continents.


The boy, whose name hasn't been released, has been accused of "offences related to service attacks on websites in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia" according to the BBC. He also allegedly perpetrated hoaxes on North American airlines via social media, making fake bomb threats.

While the teen has been bailed out and will appear in Youth Court on December 18, Wired UK explains that authorities aren't releasing the names of the websites attacked or when the attacks took place.

He was arrested in his hometown of Plymouth, a seaside city in the southwest of England. The Plymouth Herald reports that the investigation was conducted by a regional police cybercrime unit.

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