An enormous ’Trumpzilla’ KKK balloon stormed through the streets of Los Angeles this weekend

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Piñata-sized Donald Trump figures have been popular at immigrant rights rallies across the country since the GOP presidential hopeful made anti-immigrant comments last year. Now a Los Angeles group has stepped it up by bringing a giant 18-foot inflatable effigy dubbed Trumpzilla to a May Day rally in Los Angeles.


The inflatable figure, which depicts Trump holding a Ku Klux Klan hood, required four people to maneuver it around the streets of downtown Los Angeles, its handlers told Fusion.

"What we were envisioning was Trumpzilla being surrounded by a sea of people united in peace and unity to drown out the hate rhetoric [this election season]," said Trinity, the founder and organizer of the group Revolution LA, which brought the inflatable vinyl figure.


The group rented Trumpzilla from a Hollywood studio prop house.

"Trumpzilla was a great opportunity for conscious people from all walks of life to unify against hatred and division," said Trinity, whose grassroots political organization is made of people in their 20s and 30s.


The annual May Day rallies in Los Angeles city are generally reserved to honor workers and immigrants, but this year it seemed like it was all about uniting against Donald Trump. The huge blow-up Trump balloon, which was taller than some city lamp posts, led one of two May Day marches in the city on Sunday.

Trinity said Trumpzilla was well received.

"There were people coming out of shops, looking out their windows and police officers taking photos of Trumpzilla," said Trinity.


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