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The movie poster for the highly-anticipated, second John Green book adaptation Paper Towns was released this morning. While it is easy to take it at face value, we think there's a lot more to it than just two attractive white kids with strong eyebrows. Here's an analysis:

The HEX code for the blue in the sky is 63a3cf, which is the same forwards and backwards if you solve for the letters (i.e., a=1, b=2, 3=c), and delete the 'A'. This probably means that time is a circle and a concept and doesn't really exist! But also, Margo (Cara Delevingne) and Quentin (Nat Wolff) are in high school and as we all know, high school doesn't really exist. It's a symbol of how surrounded by imaginary boundaries they are. Right? Right.

If you notice, Margo is standing in front of Quentin (she's always one step ahead????) and their hair is blowing in opposite directions. Perhaps this is about their respective trajectories in life never really crossing, and how he will never be as cool as her because obviously real bad asses part their hair on the right.


The eyebrow section is interesting, mostly because they photoshopped Q's eyebrows onto Margo's face. Her brown eyeliner is incredibly perfect and his doesn't exist—just like her coolness, and his lack. He looks a little bored and dead on the inside here, while she looks a little broody. ~symbols~


Margo's hair is blowing right in to Q's nose and eyes. This is reflective of her general disregard for other people, specifically their ability to breathe and see.

The tag line "Get Lost Get Found" seems to be placed under the characters purposely. Sure, Margo gets lost, but maybe it's more of an exclamation like, "GET LOST, MARGO!" Maybe Q is a boring teen, but he finds (wink wink) himself through this mystery.


Here's the poster in full:

Paper Towns comes to theaters July 24th!

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