No one ever really knows you, and life is brief

So I've heard, but what's that gotta do with this black hole in me

It's true—we walk through life as fundamentally unknowable creatures. The hyper-specific contours of our inner lives resist understanding; we try, desperately, to convey our thoughts and our feelings, but language—our best tool—is so flawed that we might as well not even try. Strip it all away, and we are alone.

We are so pathetically alone.

Perhaps love is the only thing that can save us. Or God—if that's your thing.

In Indiana, a woman named Jessica Hayes decided both love and God were her thing, and found a way to marry these ideas. Literally. In a celebration at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Fort Wayne, Ind. last week, Hayes married Jesus Christ. You can check out some pics here, but it did not look like Jesus himself was present in corporeal form.


Hayes conceded this wasn't always her dream wedding, telling Fort Wayne's CBS affiliate that her decision to marry our father in heaven was not what she "envisioned for herself as a little girl," but it all still came with the "same struggles any bride-to-be would have, like finding the perfect dress."

But you gotta do what you can in this life to find your peace. Sounds like Jessica's found it. Maybe not in the most conventional way, sure, but check out this quote: "Even more so than looking forward to this day is a looking forward to the rest of my life just because it’s a deepening of that commitment," she said.


That sounds like peace to me.


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.