An intimate conversation with a man who is about to get a tattoo of Donald Trump sucking a throbbing dick

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Los Angeles comedian Elijah Daniel, 22, and Donald Trump have a bit of a history. Earlier this year, while drunk on Twitter, Daniel wrote a tweet that changed the course of his life:

Daniel wrote the novel, published it on Amazon, and nearly reached the top of Amazon's humorous erotica charts. Now, Daniel and Trump are linked together once more.

It began last week, when Daniel tweeted that he would get a tattoo of Donald Trump performing oral sex on a penis, if his tweet got 5,000 retweets.


The tweet got more than 5,000 retweets. (It now has almost 6,000.) And Daniel, a man of his word, was obligated to make good on his promise. So he announced that tonight, he's going to be getting the Trump tattoo at 6:30 PST, and streaming it on his Facebook page.

Daniel spoke to Fusion about why he would get a tattoo of such a graphic image, as well as the deeper significance of the tattoo.


What inspired this? What brought you to the point in your life where this is happening?

I was on Twitter—drunk again, which is never a good mixture—and tweeted that if I got 5,000 retweets, that I'd get a Donald Trump sucking a dick tattoo. It was really going to happen no matter what. I was going to do it anyway. The retweets were just an excuse.


But you also knew you were going to get enough retweets.

Oh, yeah, I knew it was going to happen either way. I was already looking at tattoo artists to have it done.


So this is a genre of tattoo?

Yeah, actually, there's this artist at Timeless Tattoo in LA. My friend Chris, who works there, was like, "Hey, we have an artist that does crazy shit." Then he sent me a shark with two huge muscle arms, and I was like, yes, she's the one. And then yesterday I got a text from an unknown number that was just a drawing of a picture of Trump with a dick in his mouth. And I was just, like, who the fuck is this? Turns out it was the tattoo artist.


Where's this tattoo gonna go?

I'm thinking trashy ankle tattoo, where a white trash girl would get a rose or something. That's pretty much the only real good spot I have. Because I definitely want that one visible, but not too visible.


That one's not going to be the face tattoo.

Well, I would. I would get that as a face tattoo, probably. I'll get there eventually.


Maybe 10,000 retweets for that one.

Eleven-thousand maybe.

Do you have a plan of how you're going to explain it to people?

Nope. Just gonna be like, here's a tattoo of Donald Trump sucking a dick. I have Taco Bell tattooed on my hand, so that's kind of an icebreaker for it. Like, here's Taco Bell on my hand, and here's Donald Trump sucking a dick on my leg.


Let's close-read this tattoo. What's the underlying political sentiment of Donald Trump performing fellatio?

The political statement I'm making is suck a dick. That's my political views. Just suck a dick—I have no political affiliation anymore. It's just: suck a dick, to everyone.


So—just fuck the general populace?

Yeah, not just to Trump, just to everyone. Suck a dick. Take it in any way.

In that sense, you're aligning yourself with Trump, right? You and Trump both want to tell the whole world to suck a dick.


Yeah, I guess so. I guess I'm his running mate now.

Would you take the VP position if offered to you?

Oh, yeah. That would give me the power to fuck with a lot more people. That would give me a scarier platform.


You mentioned you wrote the Donald Trump erotica in the past. What about Trump as a character is inspiring to you?

He's just an asshole. He can take a joke, it seems like, so I like to fuck with him. At this point, though, I've had enough good shit happen because of Donald Trump that it's like, "I'll get a tattoo of you." It's like a shitty ex-boyfriend you have a tattoo of. You think, Well, you were shitty, but I'm not going to get it covered up, because it was a good time.


Any other Trump-related projects on the horizon?

This is the grand finale.

Final thoughts?

Just suck a dick.

Update: Here it is!


Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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