An NFL player says he was racially profiled while Christmas shopping at Toys R Us

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

James Wilder Jr., a rookie running back on the Cincinnati Bengals, has yet to make it into a game this season, but he's making news another way: by speaking out about his experience of being racially profiled and kicked out of a toy store while buying Christmas presents.

According to WCPO, Wilder says he was approached by the manager quickly after entering a Toys R Us in Florence, Kentucky on Monday afternoon. The manager claimed Wilder had attempted to steal a cart's worth of toys earlier in the day and was back to try to "steal more." Wilder tweeted out the story while at the store (since deleted).

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

He also posted this video to his Facebook page, where his frustration clearly shows.

According to WCPO, Wilder asked to see the security footage to prove that he was not the alleged thief. Instead, he was ordered to leave the store.

In another deleted tweet, Wilder wrote: "I'm going over n beyond to make sure this guy is fired!!!! I won't even blame the whole store for his racist profiling!!!!"

Tuscon's Fox 19 talked to an employee who says it was all a misunderstanding and that Wilder "caused a scene," thinking employees were talking about him when he overheard a discussion about the earlier attempted theft.

After Wilder deleted the tweets, he posted a short statement.


In a separate statement, the Toys R Us corporate communications team said that they "are currently looking into this matter."

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