An Outback Steakhouse waitress got fired for leaving herself a very reasonable tip after a customer left her $0.00

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We are getting close to reaching peak restaurant tipping ridiculousness in America: An Outback Steakhouse waitress was fired after writing in her own tip on a customer's $81.08 tab.


Okay, not great.

But, the customer had left her zero tip, according to Devin Neeley of Eyewitness News 4, New Mexico.

That is obviously also not great —the Emily Post Institute says you should always leave a tip even if your service stunk.

How much did the waitress, 19-year-old Sophia Cumpton, leave for herself?


When the customer, whom Neeley did not identify by name, informed the restaurant what had happened, Outback fired Cumpton. Cumpton was also charged with credit card fraud.

On her Facebook page, Cumpton seems to indicate the charges have been since dismissed, but laments the customer is now "on a rant to ruin her life."

To her credit, Cumpton is taking the high road by not even naming the woman who accused her.


"This stuff has been done and over with for like a week and she wants to come up now after everything's done just to get her little 15 minutes of fame but she won't Even show her face or release her name rather just ruin mine because she knows she's in the wrong," Cumpton writes.

In a recent poll, a majority of New Yorkers said that they still prefer tipping restaurant workers, even as high profile restaurateurs like Danny Meyer have announced they are doing away with it.


If they want to keep it just to stiff waitresses, I have to say their priorities are seriously misplaced.

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