Ana Navarro furiously condemns Donald Trump's racist new cabinet

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Lest you thought Ana Navarro would take a break from dragging Donald Trump just because the election was over, think again. Navarro is still pissed as hell at Trump and, more recently, his racist (surprise!) xenophobic (double surprise!) pick for Attorney General: Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions.


As news of the Sessions pick broke on Friday morning, Navarro blasted off a series of tweets that left little room for misinterpretation when it comes to a man who allegedly said he was just fine with the KKK… until he "found out they smoked pot."

Sorry Ana, if we don't get to sleep through this waking nightmare, neither do you.

Brown is bad. White is good. Welcome to Trump's America.

In response to reports that longtime Trump-critic Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) would support Sessions' nomination, Navarro speculated there may be some other issues at play.


When accused of hating "white people" by one of her Twitter followers, Navarro made sure to set the record straight, with a jibe against the President-elect's, er, robust hue.   .


Navarro ended her Twitter screed with a straightforward equation that, somehow, doesn't seem to bother a shockingly large number of Trump supporters:


And Donald Trump doesn't even take the oath of office for another month and a half.