Ana Navarro just flayed Donald Trump for his terrible 'bad hombres' line

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Like many unlikely characters in the 2016 election cycle, Ana Navarro is seeing her star rise thanks to her association with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. But unlike, say, Kellyanne Conway or Peter Thiel, Navarro's burgeoning fame is a result of her intense, seething hatred of everything the candidate stands for.


A quick rundown: in August, Navarro slammed Trump by straight-up calling him a racist during a live CNN panel; earlier this month, she adjusted her message for a Spanish-speaking audience, arguing that he "es un racista." And two days later, in the wake of Trump's Billy Bush-accompanied meltdown, Navarro went mega-vi for her evisceration of a Trump supporter who didn't like her saying the word "pussy." (This one prompted a profile.)

On Thursday, Navarro kept the shots coming, responding to Trump's bizarre "bad hombres" comment in the final presidential debate.


"Well, first of all, I didn't know whether he had said 'hombre,' which means man, or whether he had said 'hombro,' which means shoulder, or 'hambre,' which means hunger," Navarro said on CNN Thursday. "I guess he was trying to be cute."

But she wasn't done: "At least now we know that Donald Trump has two Spanish words in his vocabulary. 'Hombre' and 'taco.'"

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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