Ana Navarro tears into Donald Trump over his racist White House team

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Ana Navarro, the veteran Republican political operative whose continual attacks on Donald Trump rocketed her to prominence during the presidential election, took once more to CNN on Monday morning to condemn Trump's open embrace of white nationalists since his victory.

Navarro was on CNN's New Day to talk about the uptick in hate crimes around the United States in the days since Trump was elected. The host asked Navarro to elaborate on her tweet about news that prominent white nationalist Steve Bannon had been named a top White House adviser.


"We want to extend the olive branch and we want [Trump] to extend one to us, but if what he is doing is naming somebody like Steve Bannon, who has got such a track record, such a reputation for being controversial, for leading the hunting season against Republicans, forget about everybody else," Navarro explained. "Who has filled [Breitbart] with anti-Semitic, anti-Hispanic, anti-everything type of headlines, you have got to be very concerned."

For what it's worth, Navarro also said that Reince Preibus "is a normal guy." But then, soon, she switched back to her Trump invective.

“He unleashed feelings of racism, of hostility and sexism and division that are now out there,” Navarro said of Trump. “Some of these folks feel legitimized and empowered by his election. It is up to Donald Trump, who did not invent racism — let’s be very clear about this. This was out there already, but he unleashed it in a way we haven’t seen it in decades. If he wants to be able to govern this country and unite Americans for his benefit, for all of our benefit, it is up to him to denounce it strongly. He should use the bully pulpit and give a speech on the unity of American values.”

Michael Rosen is a reporter for Fusion based out of Oakland.

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