Ana Navarro tweeted a, uh, questionable thing today

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

Republican strategist Ana Navarro has seen her political stock soar this election for her consistent campaign against Donald Trump and her frequent denunciation of his surrogates as they attempt to rationalize his latest racist misdeed.

So it pains us here at Fusion to highlight this, uh, poorly calibrated tweet Navarro wrote Thursday morning.


While we're overjoyed to see Navarro connecting with her roots, a few Twitter users suggested she might want to slow her roll.

Wtf Ana you were doing so well

— Charlie (@marlboro54s) November 3, 2016

LMAOOO Ana wants a black card so bad y'all

— DK Uzoukwu (@DKuzLA) November 3, 2016

Others congratulated her or said they had known all along.


LATE UPDATE: Navarro has started responding to some of her detractors on Twitter, to varying degrees of success.


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