And Now a Mortifying Video of a Fox Host Trying to Downplay Getting Birthday Cake on 9/11

“It’s cannoli!”
“It’s cannoli!”
Screenshot: Fox Business

It’s one of the most garish days of the year for empty gestures, which fits hand-in-glove with the spectacle of cable news.


In keeping with that spirit, here was a truly, deeply awkward moment today on Fox Business. It happens to be host Maria Bartiromo’s birthday and a guest insisted on giving her a cake, despite her trying to downplay the occasion for...obvious reasons.


Bartiromo kicked it to Dick Grasso, former chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, for final thoughts, which were:

Honor to be here, say a prayer for all who are lost, thank a cop and a fireman, and to you, Maria, happy birthday.

“Yeahhhh, no, let’s not do that, NOWWWW!” the host began, as a staffer brought a cake from the wings. “You brought this cake,” Bartiromo continued, sounding possibly the least excited to see a cake I’ve heard anyone in my entire life.

“I have the worst birthday ever,” she tried to play it off. “My husband calls it the international day of sadness...It was my birthday first.”


Fair enough!

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