Anderson Cooper Calls Out Ivanka Trump's Silence on Her Dad's Anti-Semitism

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It’s like clockwork: first something bad happens—or worse, President Donald Trump does something bad himself—then a news bit about White House advisor and first daughter Ivanka Trump appears in the press, reaffirming her position as someone who tried to “do” something to vaguely influence her father.

CNN host Anderson Cooper, clearly fed up with the president’s days-long anti-Semitic attacks, went after the first daughter on Wednesday night and predicted this exact move from Ivanka, who is Jewish herself, in the days to come.

“Ivanka Trump must be very proud of her dad tonight, and you’ll probably just watch for an Ivanka leak in the coming days about how she tried to talk her change that kind of language,” Cooper said. “It’s a classic Ivanka move.”


In this past year alone, these kinds of leaks about Ivanka’s angelic efforts have happened in at least two other instances. During her father’s zero tolerance family separation push last summer, when his administration separated migrant children from their parents after they crossed into the U.S., there was reporting that Ivanka asked her father to stop the practice. Then after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ivanka was reportedly asking senators about their willingness to move forward with gun legislation.

It’s become an extremely old bit, and Cooper has her number on how this will go down. Perhaps the president’s brazen anti-Semitism could finally be the straw that finally gets Ivanka to do something more than just politely ask her father to consider other options.

Splinter Staff Writer, Texan

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