Andrew Cuomo Is Not Worried at All About Future Investigations, Why Do You Ask?

This image was removed due to legal reasons.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is not shook at all, not one bit.

Cuomo was interviewed Wednesday on the public radio show The Capitol Connection, with the conversation focusing on the upcoming legislative session, which will see an influx of Democrats in the state legislature. Given that a number of these incoming candidates ran on actually progressive, anti-corruption platforms, Cuomo, a grifter of the highest degree, is understandably feeling a bit shaky about their arrival. More to the point, he’s already getting all sweaty about the i-word.


According to the New York Daily News, Cuomo downplayed the possibility of future Assembly-helmed investigations into his administration when speaking with the radio hosts. Doing his best impression of President Donald Trump, Cuomo—a slimy politician who has seen a cadre of former advisors and cabinet members get fired or shipped off to prison for bribes—pathetically tried to turn the investigation angle on its head.

He started by reminding state representatives that he too can order reports on state contracts, though the defensive tone soon gave way to an all-too-predictable plea to not waste the taxpayers’ money and just skip any potentially damning investigations altogether, per the Daily News.

“You can always get into an investigations battle,” he said. “They have oversight committees. I have every state contract, every member item contract.

“Every grant that the Legislature does goes through my government so I can investigate every one of those.”

But such a war, he said, “would be unproductive and a waste.”

The Democratic Party will control 39 of the 63 seats in the Senate, though the range on what constitutes a Democrat is fairly wide in the New York Assembly. During the interview, Cuomo declined to weigh in on the decision by Senate Democrats to exile longtime GOP-voting Democrat Simcha Felder, but later called the party “a fractious ideological bunch.”

Here’s to hoping that “fractious” bunch combs through every last one of the scuzzy emails sent from Cuomo’s office. Also, legalizing weed would be cool.