Though published on their YouTube channel on February 5th, Android's unabashedly adorable 'Friends Furever' ad stole the show during the mostly routine GRAMMY awards last night. The spot features unlikely pet pals getting into mischief set to the hella nostalgic song, "Oo-De-Lally" from Disney's Robin Hood.

The message? Be Together. Not the Same.

The mismatched pal pairs include a dog and an elephant, a tiger and a bear, a lamb and a rhino, and baby goats and a horse. My heart can hardly take all the preciousness. Friendship can conquer everything!!!


If this video didn't make you squee hard enough, there's also this adorable rap song for Beggin' Strips that made its on-air debut during the show. We'll be over here googling how to adopt a baby elephant.


Images via Android on YouTube, NBC/Community

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