Angry white guys supporting Trump are giving angry white guys like me a bad name

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Dear Donald Trump Supporter,

Chances are, you're probably an angry white guy. I understand. I get that way too sometimes.

But recently, your type of anger is becoming a problem for guys like me. You're giving all angry white men a bad name. And it's starting to piss me off.


Because not all angry white guys are created equal. We get angry about different stuff. There's a good type of angry and a bad type of angry. Good angry is when you get mad about injustice, ignorance and stupidity. Bad angry is when you cause it.

Good angry is when you get fired up about xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and the shitty treatment of people who aren't white like us. Bad angry is when you perpetuate xenophobia, racism, misogyny, and the shitty treatment of people who aren't white like us.


I take personal offense to all the hate talk against immigrants. You see, I lived and worked illegally in Latin America for years, just like other hard-working immigrants trying to make a living in a foreign land. But because I'm white, nobody ever really questioned my legal status, and I was called an "expat," not an illegal alien (#whiteprivilege).

Still, that foreign perspective has made me sensitive to the plight of other immigrants, and I take offense to all the bad angry directed at Mexicans, muslims, and whoever else would be stuck on the other side of your wall. But it's not just the foreign born Trump's campaign is targeting; it's also African Americans and women. The only group Trump doesn't have anything bad to say about is the KKK!


See!!? Now you're making me angry again! Good angry, but still. Good angry is caused by bad angry. But to everyone else, I just look like another angry white man—like a guy who should be wearing a Trump t-shirt. Because let's face it, all angry white guys look the same at first blush.

So please stop.