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"There's nothing Trump can do that won't be forgiven," conservative pundit and huge Trump fan Ann Coulter writes in her latest book, In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome. "Except change his immigration policies."


Sorry, Ann!

As it happens, that's exactly what Donald Trump appeared to do this week, signaling on Wednesday that a Trump White House would be open to allowing some undocumented immigrants already living in the United States to remain.


It's a staggering shift for a candidate who has made taking a hardline—and often bigoted—stand on immigration the center of his entire campaign. And for Coulter, the timing of Trump's "softening" couldn't have been worse, because it came on the exact same day as she was celebrating the release of the aforementioned book, with its aforementioned homage to his toughness on immigration.

So it's no accident that she didn't appear to be in a particularly festive mood at her book launch party. When they put "my book just became irrelevant on its first day of publication" in the dictionary, this picture will be there too:

Speaking with The Hill, Coulter framed Trump's immigration 180 as "just rhetoric but it's still annoying." When asked by the site whether Trump's newfound latitude resembled that of his GOP primary challenger Marco Rubio, who had supported a comprehensive immigrant overhaul, Coulter dismissed the comparison, saying "No, Rubio never wanted a wall. A big, beautiful wall."

Oh, okay.

On Twitter, however, Coulter seemed decidedly less jocular, launching into a scathing tweet storm against her E Pluribus Awesome inspiration's pivot:


No matter how much the Trump-twist may have rained on Coulter's big book bash, Donald's campaign spokesperson insisted on Thursday morning that the new stance on immigration isn't new at all. It's just new…words?


They say that in comedy, timing is everything. That may be true, but Ann Coulter sure isn't laughing.

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