Anne Frank’s step-sister Eva Schloss thinks Donald Trump is 'acting like another Hitler'

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According to Anne Frank's step-sister Eva Schloss, Donald Trump is basically a modern-day Hitler.


In an interview with NewsweekSchloss shared her opinions on just what a Trump Presidency would mean for the U.S. Suffice it to say that she isn't exactly a fan.

“If Donald Trump became the next president of the US it would be a complete disaster," Schloss said, adding that Trump was “acting like another Hitler by inciting racism."


Schloss's is the latest in a chorus of voices to point out the uncanny similarities between the GOP frontrunner and the anti-semitic psychopath responsible for murdering millions of Jewish people. According to Trump's ex-wife, the real estate magnate once kept a book of Hitler's speeches on his nightstand. Trump himself is well aware of the comparisons and doesn't appear to be all that bothered by them.

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