There's community in anonymity. And for activists around the world, the iconic Guy Fawkes mask has become a symbol of that community.

"The mask is an identifier of like-minded people," said one Anonymous activist who participated in last week's Million Mask March in London against corporate greed and government overreach and a "system that is not representative of the people."

Million Mask Man

“I’ve never fit in with anything," one Anonymous activist told Fusion prior to the march. "To find other people who get where you’re coming from and agree, it’s quite an amazing feeling.”

For many, the smirking mask has become a symbol of empowerment, equality, justice and the promise of change.

"Be the change you want to be, and be the change you want to see," one activist said.


The movement, activists say, stands for fairness, justice and freedom. It's the need to be part of a collective for change.

“The mask is a representation of you, me, everyone, we’re equal, I don’t have to look at the color of your skin, of the color of your hair, how you are dressed like, I see the mask and everyone becomes equal.”

Million Man March

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