Another black trans woman, Maya Young, was stabbed to death in Philadelphia over the weekend

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On Saturday night in Philadelphia, 25-year-old Maya Young was found dead after having been stabbed multiple times, WPVI-TV reported. Young was a black transgender woman, the third trans person and second trans woman of color whose murder has been reported this year.


"The community is heartbroken once again with the senseless slaying of another Transgender woman of color," an advocacy group, the TransHealth Information Project, wrote in a Facebook post on Monday:


Last year the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs recorded 22 homicides of trans people, 19 of whom were people of color. The year before, in their 2014 report on hate violence against LGBTQ and HIV-affected people, the NCAVP counted 11 murders of trans women, and 10 of those were women of color.

There may be more trans murder victims than those that are widely reported but because police and local reports often deadname and misgender trans victims, they can be hard to track.

"She looked like chocolate and caramel," a friend of Young's, Anthony Harper, told The Philadelphia Inquirer, said of her, adding that he used to call her "Twix" because "She was sweet, like candy."

"She loved people and she loved being around people," he said. No arrests have been made so far in relation to Young's murder. Advocates are concerned about an increase in murders of trans people, and trans women of color in particular, over the past few years.

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