Another Former Playboy Playmate Says She Had a Torrid Love Affair With Donald Trump

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First came Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Now, another former Playboy model has come forward alleging that she had an affair with President Donald Trump.

On Monday, the Daily Mail published an account from former Playmate Barbara Moore, who told the British tabloid she had an affair with Trump for six months in 1993, when Trump was engaged to marry Marla Maples, who was pregnant with their daughter Tiffany.


I encourage you to read the entire story if, for some reason, you’re in the mood to feel particularly bummed out. From the Daily Mail (emphasis added):

Moore decided to tell her story after being bombarded with press requests after she was named in legal documents filed by former Playboy model Karen McDougal who is now seeking to invalidate her agreement with America Media Inc.

“It was a passionate affair, he was a great lover and a gentleman,” [she said.]

“But at the time I didn’t know he was with someone else, let alone engaged to Marla Maples, and it was only recently I learned she was pregnant at the time. This has shocked me, but I don’t hold it against Donald, he was a great lover and I think he’s a great president.”


In March 1993, Playboy had hired Moore and five other Playmates to perform a “fashion show” at one of Trump’s casinos in Atlantic City, N.J. After the show, Moore and the other women went to a hotel room for a cocktail party, which is where Moore says she met Trump:

“The other girls were flirting with him and I was kind of in the background and he comes over to me and lifts his arm and says, ‘You want to go with me?’ And I just said yes. And so we left and we went to his suite.”

She said the tycoon instantly charmed her, said she was “beautiful” and “classy” and showed interest in her career.


The next month, Moore told the site that Trump flew her and a friend to Palm Beach to visit him at his Mar-a-Lago club. That summer, Moore says she visited Trump in New York, and ended up having sex with him while her friend was in the room. According to the Mail:

She recalls how she almost bought him a novelty key-ring she had spotted at the airport.

“It read ‘The world’s greatest lover,’ she laughs. “But I decided against it because it was kind of dorky, but seriously he was good.”


Reading this makes me feel bad inside.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and remember that we live in a world where we are forced, on a regular basis, to think about Donald Trump’s sex life, because Donald FREakin’ Trump is the president.


Moore, for her part, seems to harbor no ill will toward Trump, and said she voted for him in 2016:

“I love him as our president. I love him because it’s funny to me when he kind of puts his foot in his mouth.”

“It doesn’t bother me because I know the real Donald. He’s just funny, you know, and he doesn’t mean to hurt anybody. He made me laugh all those years ago and still does.”

“I think he’s doing a great job and there’s more to come. I feel safe with him in charge.”


What a nightmarish world we live in.