Another Incompetent Trump Judicial Nominee Withdraws After Senate Mauling

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Matthew S. Petersen, President Donald Trump’s seemingly know-nothing judicial nominee whose inglorious Senate mauling was viewed millions of times across social media, has withdrawn his name from consideration for the federal bench.

In a letter to Trump announcing his decision, Petersen called his viral infamy “a distraction” and “not fair to you.”


Petersen is the second of Trump’s judicial nominees to have his nomination scuttled because he was woefully unfit for the job. Last week, the White House withdrew Brett Talley from consideration, after it came out that he was a ghost-hunting, KKK-defending, never-tried-a-case attorney who happened to be married to a White House lawyer.

Still, given how much people seemed to enjoy watching Petersen stammer through a a series of elementary-level legal questions posed by Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) you might think Trump would be embarrassed that his choice to sit on the federal bench was made to look like a sputtering goofus while a bank of television cameras rolled. Wrong!

In an interview with WWLTV, Kennedy claimed that the Trump called him in the days after Petersen’s implosion and blamed his staff, rather than Kennedy, for the whole mess.

“The president called me the day before yesterday,” Kennedy said. “He doesn’t interview these guys. He has a staff do it. And he said, ‘Kennedy, I think you’re right.’”


Kennedy went on to say the president told him that “when some of my guys send someone who is not qualified, you do your job.”

Ha ha ha! Just the president of the United States rolling shit downhill directly onto the heads of his own staff over something as minor as a lifetime appointment to the federal bench—no biggie.

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