I'd like to take this quick post to vent on one particular trending headline I've been trying to avoid for weeks now: another Kanye West rant during his Yeezus tour.


This week he was at it again during his performance in Phoenix letting people know that he feels snubbed for his two Grammy nominations. That's more nominations than most people get in a lifetime!

But during his concert he said his album 'Yeezus' is the top one or top two album on every single list, but it only received two Grammy nominations. He asked the audience, "What are they trying to say?"


Well Kanye, I think they are saying you arguably had one of the best rap albums and rap songs of 2013. But oh… is that not enough for you? Who even are you anymore? Sit down, and Please. Stop. Trending.

Romina Puga is a pop culture reporter and producer for Fusion. You can find her on "Fusion Now," Fusion's daily TV updates, going over new movies, music, apps, and why D'Angelo is still sexy.

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